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HIDLY Aroma Diffusers-H5528

 Better air circulation: Hidly Aroma diffuser allows better air circulation to breathe easily. This also relieves from sinus congestion and cough while enjoying the fragrance of preferred essential oils.
Enrich your mood: It offers a soothing color for relaxation and stress-free pleasure with additional health benefits like sound sleep, elevating mood, alleviating pain.
Multi-Functions Diffuser: This Essential Oil Diffuser can be used as a tiny humidifier and for aroma diffuser. If you use as a tiny humidifier, just insert the plug and press the mist button to turn on, then the humidity in your room will be greatly improved.  You can also add drops of essential oils,  your room will smell so nice and can make you feel euphoric.Various color light optionsThere are 7 colors of the light to choose (Green, Dark blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Light blue, White).  You can allow the diffuser to keep cycling through all colors, stay on whatever color you select, or you can turn the light off altogether. The colored lights are wonderful, it creates peaceful ambiance.
Unique and Whisper-quiet Design: Ceramic looks natural and classical, it's practically a little decoration in itself! It is also super quiet with ultrasonic technology, which guarantee you a better sleep. 
1.Can be used as Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier.                                               
2.Compact type for daily life using.            
3.Auto-off when waterless.
4.Arm with 7 colors of LED lights                
5.Atomination method:Ultrasonic       
7.Tank Capacity:300ml.    
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